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About Us

VARDO is 100% natural, vegan, and sustainable skincare.

Each product that we bring you is hand crafted and formulated by a certified Master Herbalist using completely natural (and mostly organic) ingredients sourced ethically and sustainably.

VARDO uses zero fillers of any kind, including emulsifiers, fats, waxes, acids, surfactants, phthalates, parabens, metals, minerals, or chemicals. Our products are made-to-order, so you can rest assured that your product has not been sitting on a shelf for any period of time.

Every ingredient that we use has a therapeutic purpose, utilized throughout time to aid in the appearance of the skin. We believe in full transparency, so you will always be able to pronounce the ingredients and track from where we have sourced. We regard animals as friends and family – not test subjects or fillers – and therefore we do not approve of animals being in our products, nor our products or ingredients being tested on them. Our products are pet safe. We also know that we’re in a time where our Mother Earth is hurting and needs our help, so VARDO packages in reusable glass and recyclable tin; 100% post-consumer waste, compostable boxes; and only looks within the U.S. for our raw ingredients. We realize that allergies are becoming more prevalent, and thus, our products are gluten free and free of any perfumes or chemical fragrances. And finally, we’re aware of the dangers that certain products can have on pregnant women and their babies, and indicate on every product page whether the herbs used in that particular product are safe for your child.

VARDO promotes allowing the skin to naturally regenerate and heal itself instead of piling products on to cover defects. We give you the tools nature has been keeping all this time, and we ask you to try them with the confidence in knowing that your skin will ultimately thank you. And if you still have any trouble with problem areas, we are here to give you a personalized skin consultation to help kick into gear your body’s innate ability to repair itself from the inside out.

We look forward to being with you on your first (or hundredth) journey into the realm of all natural skincare, and we know you’ll never go back once you begin!

Truth in Labeling