What is Intuition?

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Just in case you didn’t know, we all have intuition. Yes, even you. You don’t think so? Think back to a time that you had any sort of “gut feeling.” Or you were doing something and someone popped into your head and then they called you twenty minutes later. Or you had a dream about someone and they told you something about themselves, and the next day on social media they posted about the very thing they told you about in your dream. All intuition is, is a meeting of energy that is then translated by the filter of the ego.

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy. Everything. Less than 5% of the Universe is physical matter. That means that everything we can see, touch, taste, and has any form of mass, is less than 5% of the entire Universe. 27% of the Universe is made up of Dark Matter. Dark Matter is free-flowing particles of energy. And then the last 68% of the Universe is what’s called Dark Energy. Scientists don’t know what this is, but they do know that it’s energy.

Therefore, if everything in the Universe is made up of energy, that means we are all the same. You are the same as me; we are the same as the planets; the galaxy is the same as a black hole. We are literally the Universe manifested in physical form. And if we are the Universe manifested in physical form, that means we inherently ‘know’ what is going on everywhere at all times, because we are the same as it.

The only difference between us and inanimate objects is that we have cognizance. But this cognizance is not necessarily a benefit to us. It instead filters our beautiful universal energy through the ego (what we call the “I” – I am brunette, I am from California, I am a female, etc.) and separates us from the Truth of who we really are.

Intuition is the brief dissolution of the ego that allows us to tap into that universal energy. All day, every day, we are receiving and putting out information in the form of energy. We call putting it out there as “manifesting,” and we are all very open and willing to admit that the Law of Attraction works, as long as it’s to our benefit. But what about the random receiving energy? That, is intuition. It is merely a connection of energy, receiving energetic information, and shutting the ego up for enough time to allow that information to come through and be seen, heard, felt, smelled, or known. We then filter that energy through the cognizant ego to interpret its meaning.

Now when we intuit “bad energy,” that is purely the filter of our cognizance at work. Energy is not good or bad. The duality of our nature is based on our 3D plane of existence and our ego deciding whether something is positive or negative. Humans have duality for everything in existence: light/dark, right/wrong, infinite/finite, up/down. So when you walk into a house and feel that “bad energy,” you are simply interpreting it as such through the perception of it based on the filter of your reality.

If you want to work on your intuition, just begin paying attention to small sensory perceptions that you receive throughout the day. Stomach dropped for no reason? Close your eyes and sink in and see if you can feel through it (not attribute a mental reason for it!). Hear a ringing in your ear out of nowhere that goes away after a short period of time? Close your eyes, go into silence, and see if you can pick up any information. We all have the clairsenses, it’s just about tuning them into the right frequencies and listening to them so that they feel safe enough to come out again and play.

All my best and highest vibrations,


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