Why do some of your products separate in their bottles?

VARDO does not use any emulsifiers (fats, waxes, or chemicals that allow the natural separation to blend and stay blended) because these materials can cause allergic reactions, breakouts, and toxicity in the body. The separation you see is the natural property of the products and are a physical representation of the purity you’re putting on your skin. Just turn your bottles upside down a few times (don’t shake!) before use and you’ll be able to watch as you blend your products together without chemicals!

Are your products vegan and cruelty free?
Yes and YES!

Are your products gluten free?
Yes they are! We do not use any form of extracts, starches, flours, proteins, dextrins, or glutens. Also, our Vitamin E is 100% gluten free! You will see GF listed on all of our products.

Are your products safe for pregnancy?
A lot of our products are safe for pregnant women, but you want to make sure to stay away from what we call “hot herbs” (cinnamon, clove, etc.) and also carnation oil. If you are still breastfeeding, please follow the same guidelines as if you were pregnant. If you are trying to get pregnant but are not pregnant as of yet, all of our products are safe for you as long as you know your own allergies. When you look at our listings, you will see SFP listed whenever it is safe for pregnant mamas! *As a disclaimer, we are not doctors or the FDA, and so, if you’re pregnant, ALWAYS talk to your doctor before using ANY essential oils. We can only rely on generic information for general safety while pregnant and cannot be held responsible.

What do all the weird names of your products mean?
A vardo is the caravan that ‘gypsies’ (Roma) used to move from place to place reading fortunes, doing small spells, and healing homeopathically. Each name on the products represent a Romani name for what the product is: “MUJ” means “face,” “WUZHO” means “lather,” and so on. You can see the exact definitions on each product page you click on. These are the product CATEGORIES (face wash, body wash, baths, etc.). Underneath those names are other names that represent the product TYPES, and are all named after specific magical or cosmic happenings: baths are moons; body washes zodiac signs; lip balm numerology; facial products the Major Arcana in the tarot deck. The owner of VARDO comes from two different Roma clans, and brings these roots to our products.


Do you allow wholesale orders??
Yes! Contact us at vardomagick@yahoo.com for wholesale inquiries.

Do you allow custom orders?
Yes! VARDO began as a custom body care company. If you don’t find what you are looking for, or want something specific, please contact us from the contact page and we will get back to you within 24 hours to create your perfect product for you and your skin!

Do you allow local pickup?
Yes! We do free delivery or pickup to the North Shore (Salem, Beverly, Peabody, Danvers, and Swampscott)! Just type DELIVERY in the discount section and it will take your shipping off!

Do you have a bottle return program?
Yes! If you live in the North Shore (Salem, Beverly, Peabody, Danvers, or Swampscott), you're welcome to return any glass bottle to us and we will refill it for you with a product of your choosing now or at a future date. You will receive a discount for the price of the bottle (price ranges from $1 - $3, depending on the bottle)


Where are your products made?
Always in the U.S., wherever our owner is at the time (she travels A LOT)!

Where do you source your ingredients?
We always source from the States when we can, however sometimes sourcing from other countries (Australia, Greece, India) is more sustainable and Earth friendly than sourcing from the U.S. alone. We only work with companies that replenish what they've harvested: by planting trees, growing the herbs in their own gardens, or utilizing a more sustainable plant (e.g. Australian Sandalwood as opposed to Indian Sandalwood). We take sustainability seriously, and focus on our entire chain of ingredients, not just what we put out.

Your logo wears off the labels.
Yes it does! We believe that our products should speak for themselves whether you see our branding or not. We’re not interested in everyone knowing who VARDO is; we want everyone to have beautiful skin by moving into all natural and away from chemicals. The stamp on our labels is as ephemeral as Roma vardos are – they’re here for a moment and gone before you know it. Our labels are also made out of thermal paper, so no ink is used, and can be easily peeled off so you can reuse your bottles (did you know that they're dishwasher safe!?) We believe in limiting our waste as much as possible.

If you believe in zero waste, why do you shrink wrap your bottles and have plastic caps? Can I buy your products without plastic?
By law, we are required to make sure all of our products are sealed for your protection, and plastic shrink wrap, though not ideal, is better to us than Styrofoam sealers which can never be broken down. Our plastic caps enable you to reuse your bottles over and over again without rusting – the entire bottle, including cap – is dishwasher safe! This ultimately produces less waste than utilizing metal. If you’d like to purchase from us with no shrink wrap, please write us a message and let us know; we’d be happy to oblige. We’ll even send you your bottles with no paper label on them if that is what you prefer!

What is the 'Truth in Labeling' seal on your website?
VARDO took the “Truth in Labeling” pledge by the Natural Ingredient Resource Centre (NIRC) that signifies that we are completely natural! We’ve mentioned this before, but we use no chemicals whatsoever, and nothing that is in our products have petrochemicals in them either. This seal and pledge are a guarantee to you – our valued and important clients – that what you are putting on your skin is made with love, care, and TRULY natural ingredients!