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Why does the French Lavender Cleansing Distillate separate in the bottle? Has it gone bad?
We do not use any emulsifiers as these materials can cause allergic reactions, breakouts, and toxicity in the body. The separation you see is the natural property of the French lavender oil and water’s differentiation, and are a physical representation of the purity you’re putting on your skin. Just turn your bottle upside down a few times (don’t shake!) before use and you’ll be able to watch as you blend your products together without chemicals!

My body lotion smells weird. Has it gone bad?
If your product has organic, unrefined shea butter in it, it is completely normal for it to smell a little funny. Virgin shea butter has a naturally smoky aroma that is very hard to cover with anything else, and thus, your first whiff of it might be a little funky (or you might love it!). The smokiness will die down once the product has been on your skin for about five minutes. If, however, your product smells rancid – well, then it’s gone bad and you should dispose of it without further use.

Are your products vegan and cruelty free?
Yes, and yes!

Are your products gluten free?

How do I know if your products are safe for pregnancy?
If you see “SFP” on a product page, it means it is generally safe for pregnancy. If you are still breastfeeding, please follow the same guidelines as if you were pregnant. If you are trying to get pregnant but are not pregnant as of yet, all of our products are safe for you as long as you know your own allergies. *If you are pregnant, always talk to your doctor before using any essential oils or herbs.

I have a nut allergy. Can I use your products?
We use sweet almond oil in a few of our products, including our skin infusions, balsams, and concentrates. Please read all ingredients carefully.

How do I know what product is right for my skin?
We have done our best to put information on each product page about what skin type the product is appropriate for. If you still don’t know which one to pick, or you have any type of skin issues that you’d like to address, we do personalized consultations to answer all of your skin questions and help you choose the correct products for you. Please request a consultation under “Skin Consultation,” and we will arrange a time to speak with you.

Where are your products made?
They are made in Salem, Massachusetts!


Do you allow wholesale orders?
Yes. Please use the contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do you allow custom orders?
Yes. We can create a custom product for you and your skin type after you request a customized skin consultation. Please request a consultation under “Skin Consultation,” and we will arrange a time to speak with you.

Do you have a corporate gifting program?
Yes. You can find information on our corporate gifting HERE or by going to the footer on the bottom of our website and clicking “Corporate Gifting.”

Do you host workshops?
Yes. You can find information on our workshops HERE or by going to the footer on the bottom of our website and clicking “Workshops.”

Do you allow local pickup?
Yes. You are always welcome to pickup your order from us, or we can deliver for free to you if you are in Salem, MA. To request a local pickup, please type “PICKUP” in the discount box when you check out, include your email address or phone number, and we will be in contact within 24 hours to schedule your pickup time frame.