Zoom Herbalism Consultation

Herbalism Consultation


Learn what your body wants, needs, and loves with a personalized herbalism consultation with Alexx. 


In the West, we are treated by allopathic medicine that strips the body of its ability to self-heal. We are put on antibiotics, antifungals, steroids, and maintenance medication that does not attend to the underlying problem, but instead relieves the symptoms. Herbalism uses traditionally known herbs, spices, plants, and oils to bring the body back into homeostasis so that it may do what it does best: fix itself. Whether you have specific dis-eases, general questions regarding homeopathy and herbs, or are just looking towards a more holistic life, this consultation is for you!


In this consultation, we will go over your full lifestyle habits, including: diet, sleeping, stress levels, and exercise routine, focusing on what physical attributes are manifesting. You will be surprised at how our diets are the main cause of most of our ailments! We will then come up with a personalized "recipe" for the highest benefit of your mind, body, and energy fields so that your physical reality matches.


The herbalism consultation is one hour long via phone (or in person if you're near Salem, MA), and I will then write up for you a full recap of what we spoke about, and any recommendations I make. You will also receive 20% off your next order with VARDO and I will follow up with your progress one month after our consultation.


When you are checking out, please leave your phone number and email address so that I may call you to schedule your consultation date and time. I will also request a brief list of your concerns and medication you're on prior to our consultation.


I look forward to meeting you and helping to raise your vibrational energies!

Herbalism Consultation



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