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Energy Work


Cleanse the auric field, unblock the chakras, and mitigate physical pain with a full-body energy healing. 


The body is made up of energy (in fact, everything is made up of energy), and when energy gets "stuck" in a certain spot, we experience physical and emotional maladies. Just as Acupuncture moves the qi via needles along the meridians, energy healing does the same with the use of the Healer's hands. If you feel emotionally overwhelmed, have recurrent physical pain, or just need an energetic alignment, this session is for you!


During our energy work, we will verbally go over anything you feel is compromising your life currently. I will then use a combination of Reiki, Energy Healing, and sound vibrations to cleanse and replenish the chakras, energy body, and auric field in your system. If you prefer to not be physically touched, I will never cross those boundaries with you; everything can be done with my hands off your body.


Energy work is 45 minutes - 1 hour long in person in Salem, MA. I can also easily come to you if you are within driving distance. Generally, the amount of energy work a person needs depends on how stagnant the energy is and how deeply rooted the energetic problems are. I will never push you to continue having energy work done, but I will encourage you to do so if I feel like you would benefit from it (some people only need one treatment every six months!).


When you are checking out, please leave your phone number and email address so that I may call you to schedule your energy healing.


I look forward to meeting you and helping to raise your vibrational energies!

Energy Work



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