Agrandir Derma Consultation

Derma Consultation


Learn what your skin wants, needs, and loves with a personalized derma consultation with Alexx. 


The skin is the largest organ on our bodies, and it reflects both our internal functioning and external environmental elements. In allopathic medicine, we are given creams, steroids, and antibiotics to "fix" what the body can do on its own with the right direction. We are also given contradicting information or generic guidelines via influencers, celebrities, magazines, commercials, and beauty articles in order to sell products. Just as your personality is individual to you, all skin is different and beautiful, and should be catered to independently. If you have any sort of skin issues, ailments, complaints, or questions, this consult is for you! 


In this consultation, we will go over your full lifestyle habits, including: diet, sleeping, stress levels, exercise routine, overall health, and skincare tendencies, focusing on what physical attributes are manifesting. We will then come up with a personalized "recipe" so your external body appears as healthy as it should be.


The derma consultation is one hour long via phone (or in person if you're near Salem, MA), and I will then write up for you a full recap of what we spoke about, and any recommendations I make. You will also receive 20% off your next order with VARDO, and I will check in with your progress after a month.


When you are checking out, please leave your phone number and email address so that I may call you to schedule your consultation date and time. I will also request photos of any problem skin areas prior to our consultation.


I look forward to meeting you and helping to raise your vibrational energies!

Derma Consultation



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