Meditation for Every Day Life

Meditations come in all shapes and sizes: from rituals to mindfulness, reflection, movement, and breath.
Its power lay in our ability to be still in the mind and detach from everyday life
in order to take care of ourselves for our highest good.
VARDO's four pillars of self care serve to guide you through every day meditations,
opening up space and creating stillness and a sense of bliss.


Where meditation begins at the root - cleanse.
Releasing thought patterns that no longer serve our highest purpose.
Washing away the dullness of the day.
Reading something profound. Epiphanies. A hot shower and fresh sheets.
A dinner with friends and a skincare ritual.





Where you direct meditation - breathe.
Inhaling possibilities. Feeding your body, mind, and soul with Source energy.
Fresh snow and the forest after it's rained. Stillness.
The fragrance of herbal aromatics, florals, and aromatherapy. Life force.





Where meditation connects you - ground.
Locking into the Earth's majesty. Releasing patterns and building anew.
Physical movement, the practice of yoga, walking barefoot. Strength.
Black pepper, patchouli, pine, and cedar. A good conversation and a massage.


Where meditation shows you its power - love.
The realization that everything is One. The courage to be vulnerable
in the face of adversity. Holding hands and warm hugs.
Bravery. Listening to music that heals the soul.
Observing the beauty all around. Self care and gratitude.



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