Welcome to the Wagon!

Welcome to The Wagon! I figured I’d start a blog for my company, VARDO, because there are a lot of things that I personally believe in and practice that I try to incorporate into my body products, but aren’t necessarily self-explanatory when looking at them. 

To start off, my name is Alexx, and I started VARDO in 2016 as a custom body care line where each product was tailored specifically to my clients’ needs. In 2018, VARDO became a publicly sold all natural body care line for the three main types of skin: dry/aging, combination/sensitive, and oily/cystic. As a company, we practice sustainability (zero waste); vegan (cruelty-free); all natural (chemical free); and minimally curated (minimalism). 

I come from a lineage of two types of “Gypsy:” Domari and Lovarya. Traditionally, Travelers of any clan moved along in their vardo (the wagon) and utilized all things from the Earth for their skincare: the dew from the grass; water from a stream; plants; herbs; spices; and whatever they could get their hands on (*all natural*). They carried their entire lives in that wagon, and generally had multiple children and a spouse who shared the space (*minimalism*). They didn’t have anything that did not serve a purpose in their lives, and reused, reclaimed, and recycled everything they had (*zero waste*). Though Travelers spread across Europe and ultimately became different clans, they were originally of the same origin in India (where they dispersed from), and generally vegetarian (*cruelty-free*). All the same as VARDO’s concepts! 

Personally, I move around a lot. I have lived in four countries; six states; over fifty cities; and generally move once a year at minimum (in fact, I just moved again three days ago). Sound fun? That’s what a lot of people say. But in reality, it’s exhausting. Now don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful that I have a job where I can live anywhere, and I have a partner who is willing to do whatever he needs to do in order to move and travel with me. But it is exhausting, expensive, and stressful to move from place to place and start a new life in a new place all the time, especially when you have furniture; a company that relies on bulk raw ingredients to produce; and a clothing (okay, it’s shoes) addiction that adds weight and literal baggage everywhere you go. Why do I do it, you ask? Because I can’t sit still! But instead of sitting here making it seem like I’m complaining, I’m actually going to let you all know how I live this life: tricks I’ve come up with, zero waste efforts I make, practical minimalism, and a glimpse into what my life looks like.

So join me on my metaphorical wagon, take a look at my products if you’re moving into all natural skincare, and I look forward to sharing everything with you!

 All my best, 


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