What I Bring When I Travel: Los Angeles Edition

As you’ve read in the previous two posts, I recently went home to LA for a week. One of my good friends got married, and I generally go back at least once a year to visit doctors and take care of anything that needs to be done on the West Coast. 

I was there for six days with multiple different events I needed to go to, but as Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has the longest wait time to get your checked luggage, I never like to check bags when I go. Fitting six days’ worth of outfits (sometimes changing clothes three times per day) into a carry-on can prove difficult, but if you’ve read anything about capsule wardrobes, it’s pretty much the same rules that apply. 

I travel a lot. From business trips to markets, visiting family to events, there are a lot of different types of outfits I need, and learning to put things together when you only have a few things is a skill that is wonderful to have. So I’m going to show you how I did this and what I brought with me. Whether you need to just go on a weekend trip, longer vacation, constantly on the go, or just getting ideas for a capsule wardrobe, making multiple outfits out of only a few things can save you a lot of time and hassle! 

The weather in LA during Spring is generally warm with some overcast, but coming from Winter in New England, I knew I wasn’t going to need any heavy coats or sweaters. This obviously makes it much easier to pack.

First things first, here is what I brought with me (not all of them are identical to what I own, and I left out my baseball cap that I wore on the plane):

Twenty-two items in total. Super easy to roll up tightly and shove into a little carry-on! And now for the outfits I put together with them (I could’ve made a bunch more because I brought a lot of tops, but I didn’t need to):


I wanted to be super comfy and warm for my 6.5 hour flight, so I layered up and wore my softest clothes. The plane is also the perfect place to wear your jacket if you're bringing one; it saves the space in your luggage, and you can throw it over yourself as a blanket if you get cold. I also wore a baseball cap so I didn't have to put product in my hair, but I didn't put the picture in.


Michael and I got to my dad's, both took showers, and then went out to get some sunshine and food. I was still exhausted from the flight (we got up at 4 AM), so I didn't want to wear anything heavy or uncomfortable. I just threw on a t-shirt and ripped black denim, and I was good to go.


My stepmother took us to dinner the first night for my birthday. We went to Izakaya on West Third - one of my favorite sushi restaurants. We were jetlagged and still dragging a bit, so a comfy jumpsuit, sweater, and flats were all I could muster putting on.


The second day was a doctor's appointment, a haircut, and then Michael wanted to go shopping. By the time we were done with all of this, my feet were completely ripped up from the patent leather on these shoes. They were a poor choice of shoes to bring (I have them in regular leather also that are the most comfortable shoes ever, so I didn't think these would be much different), and you'll see that this is the last day I wore them. I'm so mad at them for the pain they caused that I'll be selling them!


A quick doctor's visit and then showing Michael around the west side (where I used to live) - my Valentino Rockstud T-Strap flats were a savior for my feet. I layered my long cardigan over jeans and a tank top because the beach communities are always colder than the rest of LA.


We went to Mr. Chow for dinner - another of my favorite restaurants (I love their vegetarian Mr. Chow noodles!) with my dad and his friends. It's a pretty dressy restaurant, but in LA as long as you're wearing heels and not athletic clothes, you're considered dressed up. So I kept my clothes on from the day and just switched into heels and my moto.


Saturday was the day my friend Ashley got married, but it wasn't until later in the afternoon. I needed some new sunglasses, so Michael and I went to Saks off Fifth where I found two awesome pairs. No need to dress up, just leggings, a tee, and sneakers.


Ashley got married at Westlake Village Inn which was beautiful! The ceremony was outside and the weather was iffy that day, so I layered my leather jacket over my dress. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen the full outfit on my stories. I find that a waist belt really elevates even the most simple of outfits. I highly suggest getting one if you don't already own one. Wearing these Givenchy sling-backs and already having blisters from my Anine Bing patent flats, my feet were screaming at me by this point. Ah, being a girl...


I honestly don't even remember where we walked around during the day, but I was so exhausted that I fell asleep for like, two hours in the afternoon before dinner.


Sunday night was dinner with my dad for my birthday. We went to Maestros, which is one of my favorite restaurants. I'm pescatarian, but I planned to have red meat this day for my birthday. I also got my period the next morning, so it wasn't the worst idea to load up on iron (I'm anemic). The same dress as I wore to the wedding, but with flats and my cardigan and no waist belt.


We did nothing on Monday except take naps throughout the day and go to dinner with my dad at a Mexican restaurant where they proceeded to put cactus in my food (even after I asked them not to) and I broke out into a gnarly rash all over my body that took a week to go away.


Same outfit as the plane ride to LA. 

So there you have it! Twelve outfits with twenty-two pieces, and I literally could've continued to switch it up for another twelve days. The key for packing is neutral colors that can all go with each other. Obviously my sneakers are super bright, but they are the pop of color that still go with everything I brought.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time...

All my best,



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