Soul Families

The “Soul Family” is characterized by four types of soul relationships that one encounters in their life: Karmic Relationships, Soulmates, Soul Tribe, and Twin Flames.


Karmic relationships begin with the family that you’re born into. Our family members teach us the core karmic lessons we are meant to learn in this incarnation, and until we learn them, we will continuously have karmic relationships with people who re-trigger the karmic lessons.

Karmic relationships are the difficult relationships in life that severely affect you. They are the painful relationships, the toxic relationships, and the ones in which you look back upon and say “what the hell was I doing in that relationship when I had a choice?” Karmic relationships are also the familial dynamics, as our parents are the ones who “make us” who we are (in the egoic sense).

For a more in-depth video on Karmic Relationships, go HERE


Soulmates are simply a recognition of energy in another that you have shared in a previous incarnation. I’m sure you’ve met someone and have thought “I knew them in a past life,” or “I feel like I’ve known them forever,” even though you met a week ago. This is the recognition that the two of you shared a small amount of the same energy in a previous incarnation, and that energy is now recognizing itself. This is so powerful when we first meet the person, that we think it’s “meant to be.”

Soulmates, however, are not meant to be in your life forever. Soulmates can be karmic relationships, but in the manifestation as a soulmate, they actually help and guide you through those karmic lessons instead of just re-triggering you. Soulmates are meant to go on their own path in life, as your common energy is now in two “separate” bodies and have different karmic lessons to learn in this incarnation.

For a more in-depth video on Soulmates, go HERE


Soul Tribe members come into your life when you are an exact vibrational match to the Soul Tribe member. They join your world when your life has moved onto the correct path to fulfill your ultimate purpose in this incarnation (egoically, of course), and will leave your life if you have veered off the path.

Soul Tribe members are your pillars of support and have unending loyalty and friendship that you need to stabilize you as you walk upon your path. Soul Tribe members are usually of a spiritual nature, and you will generally not have anything or much in common with them. They will, however, mimic fragments of your life that you have stepped away from in order to show you where you’ve come from and that you’re currently on the correct path.

For a more in-depth video on Soul Tribes, go HERE


Twin Flames are an absolute recognition of Source energy in another. As Soulmates are a recognition of energy with another that you have shared in a previous incarnation, Twin Flames are the finite and yet expansive understanding that you are the Universe manifested.

Twin Flames are mirror images of one another: the Twins may have grown up in completely different backgrounds, but the core karmic lessons, triggers, and traumas are identical. In this 3D plane of duality, Twins are separated instead of united, and therefore the energy that they deal with is viewed as opposites, which gets translated into the “Runner/Chaser” dynamic. This push-and-pull is what enables the Twins to heal their karmic lessons via separation and togetherness.

For a more in-depth video on Twin Flames, go HERE

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